Child Care Assistance Program Rules and Regulations (218-RICR-20-00-4)


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Title 218 Department of Human Services
Chapter 20 Individual and Family Support Programs
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 4 Child Care Assistance Program Rules and Regulations (218-RICR-20-00-4)
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Active
Effective 06/19/2019 to 10/17/2019

Regulation Authority :

RIGL 42-12-23

Purpose and Reason :

2019 FPL application to the CCAP Income Guidelines per the federal mandate.  In keeping in line with the Federal Re-authorization requirements, the following additional changes have been made: redefined school hours to be from 9:30a-1:30p, instead of 9a-2p; increased the grace period for job loss from 21 days to 3 months and clarified that it will be applied if the loss in status of employment, education or training occurs when there is less than 3 months of the 12-month certification period remaining; removed of RIW payments as countable income; added RIW payments to the Excluded Income definition; implemented the requirement that License exempt providers are to care for relatives only; clarified that RIW recipients receiving CCAP are to have zero co-pays, unless the RIW is for an LP who is not part of the RIW unit; implemented a zero co-pay for homeless families applying for CCAP; implemented that CCAP Providers may enroll a homeless child prior to receipt of the immunization record and/or completion of other health and safety requirements; implemented that DHS will pay for up to 90 days of child care service provided while an application for a homeless family is pending, even if the application is ultimately denied for lack of verification or eligibility; implement that CCAP Providers will dis-enroll a homeless child when the requirement to provide the immunization record and/or the completion of other health and safety requirements have not been met by day 90 of the enrollment; changed the limit of days for which DHS will issue payment for an absent eligible child from two weeks in a 12 month period to 5 days per month; updated the renewal period for Licensed Providers in 4.12.5-C.1 five years to two years to align with Licensing Regulation.  Also, removed the CCAP Maximum Weekly Reimbursement Rates chart in 4.13 and replaced it with a link.  DHS does not set provider reimbursement rates, but simply applies them.  As such, reimbursement rates are not dictated by the CCAP Policy.

Brief statement of Reason for Finding Imminent Peril :

Failure to implement these changes will result in violation of federal mandates and federal reauthorization requirement, jeopardizing funding and exposing the Department to financial penalties.