Child Care Assistance Program Rules and Regulations (218-RICR-20-00-4)


Title 218 Department of Human Services
Chapter 20 Individual and Family Support Programs
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 4 Child Care Assistance Program Rules and Regulations (218-RICR-20-00-4)
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Proposed
Filing Notice Date 05/13/2024
Filing Hearing Date(s) 05/29/2024
Public Comment Dates 05/13/2024 to 06/12/2024

Regulation Authority:

RIGL 42-12-23

Purpose and Reason:

These amendments include language to streamline the CCAP application process and meet the new federal guidelines that are required as of April 30, 2024. The changes are as follows:
-Renumbered Sections as needed
-Updated table of contents as needed
Changed all references of “homeless” to “housing insecure”
Changed all references of “Categorical Eligibility” to “RI Works CCAP Eligibility” 
Removed references to Central Provider Directory
Technical revisions as needed
Removed section referencing Criminal Records Checks-Disqualifying Information
Removed the following definitions: “Central Provider Directory”, “Child Development Associate Credential”, “Comprehensive Early Childhood Education”, “Early Childhood Environment Scale”, “Environmental Rating Scale”, “Family Childcare Environment Rating Scale, revised”, “Headstart Performance Standards”, “Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale, revised”, School Age Care Environmental rating Scale, revised”, “successfully screened provider” and  “summer camp”
4.1.2(B)(1) removed “integrated system of”
4.1.2(B)(3) added “and number”
4.2(A)(5) removed “comprehensive early childhood education”
4.2(A)(6)(a) added “or otherwise approved by the CCAP Program Administrator”
4.2(A)(6)(c) removed language regarding one year duration
4.2(A)(9) Deleted definition (now updated/ renamed to RI Works CCAP eligible) defined at  4.2(A)(49)
 4.2(A)(12) Added definition of “CEDARR”
4.2(A)(14) Removed “actual”
4.2(A)(15) removed “and short term special approval child care”
4.2(A)(19) removed “is an eligible child”
4.2(A)(33) removed ‘actual”
4.2(A)(36) removed language
4.2(A)(38) Added “or” added “program”
4.2(A)(39) Removed “and maintaining the CCAP Central Provider Directory”
4.2(A)(43) Changed “first (1st) grade” to “Kindergarten”
4.2(A)(48) Removed “categorically”
4.2(A)(49) Added definition of “RI Works” CCAP eligible
4.2(A)(50) Changed “first (1st) grade” to “Kindergarten”
4.2(A)(51) Updated citation
4.2(A)(55) Updated definition
4.3.1(A)(1) Removed language
4.3.1(A)(5)(b) Updated language to add “approved college program” and remove citation.
4.3.1(A)(5)(c) Removed date, added “or otherwise approved by the CCAP Program Administrator”
4.3.1(A)(5)(d) Added CCAP for College language
4.3.1((A)(6)(b) Deleted section 
4.3.1(A)(6)(b) Added “at application and renewal” and added language regarding sanction not negatively impacting eligibility during certification period.
4.3.2(A) Removed “for all children in the RI Works unit and” 
4.3.2(A)(3) Added “child” and removed “and for all children”
4.3.2(A)(4) Removed “or the”
4.3.3 (A) Removed “all the”
4.3.3(A)(1) Added “CCAP”
4.3.9(A) Removed “Both categorical and income”
4.3.9(A)(3)(a) Updated language regarding self employment as a child care provider
4.3.9(A)(3)(b) Removed language
4.4.1(A)(1)(b) added “or approved college program”
4.4.1(A)(2) Removed language regarding two (2) parent home
4.4.2(D)(1) Removed “categorical or income” 
4.4.2(D)(2)(a) Added “from the date of authorization of benefits”
4.4.3(D) Added language regarding adding a child to CCAP case
4.5.1(A)(1)(b)((1)) Removed age for TFD program
4.5.2(4) Removed language regarding parent self employed as a child care provider
4.6.1 (A) Removed “and”, added “or an approved college program”
4.6.1 (A)(1)(a)((5))((AA)) added “at recertification”
4.6.1(B)(1)(a) Updated language regarding declaration of assets
4.6.1(B)(3) Updated language regarding verification of  bank account
4.6.1 (C)(2)(a) Removed “first (1st) or”
4.6.1 (C)(2)(b) Removed “first (1st) or”
4.6.2(A)(1)(a)((2)) Added “working”
4.6.2(A)(2)(a)((1)) Removed age for TFD
4.6.2(A)(2)(b) Changed “up to” to “no less than” 
4.6.2(A)(3)(a) Removed date, added “or as approved by the CCAP Program Administrator”
4.6.2(A)(3)(b)((1)) Added “or other training program as approved by the CCAP Administrator”
4.6.2(A)(3)(c) Updated language regarding two parent family
4.6.3(A)(1) Updated language regarding parent self employed as a child care provider
4.6.4(1)(a) Added language regarding parent with disabilities
4.6.4(4) Added language regarding temporary job search
4.6.4(5) Added and updated language regarding Short Term Special Approval due to a Temporary Medical Condition at Recertification   
4.7 Removed section renumbered 4.8 to 4.7
4.7.1(A)(1)(c) Updated language regarding work/activity  hours
4.7.2(A)(2) Removed language
4.7.2(A)(3) Updated language regarding school age children
4.8.1(A)(1)(a) added “with in the first (1st) week the child enrolls with that provider”
4.8.1(D)(3) Removed language
4.8.1 (E)(7) Updated language regarding providers prohibited from charging additional fees
4.10.4(A)(1) Deleted section
4.11.1(A)(3) Added “licensed” removed “the”
4.11.1(B) Updated language regarding CCAP approved provider
4.11.1(B)(2) Changed “the CPD” to “CCAP Provider Management”
4.11.2 Changed section name
4.11.2(A) Updated language regarding approved provider
4.11.2(A)(1) Removed “listed as approved in the CPD”, added ‘an approved CCAP provider”
4.11.2(A)(2) Removed “access to the CPD” 
4.11.2(A)(2)(b) Updated language regarding approved providers
4.11.2(A)((2)(c) Added “Comprehensive Background Check” and citation, removed language regarding Background Clearance and Criminal Record Check
4.11.2(A)((2)(d) Updated language regarding providers’ citizenship
4.11.2(A)(2)(e) Added “CCAP approved providers must”
4.11.2 (B)(1)(a)((2)) Added “CCAP”
4.11.2(B)(1)(a)((3)) Updated language regarding reinstatement as a CCAP provider
4.11.2(B)(2) Removed language regarding maintenance of a program’s Star level
4.11.2(B)(3) Updated language regarding License Exempt Provider
4.11.3 (A) Removed “where appropriate”, changed “where appropriate” to “within”, changed “any” to “all”
4.11.3(A)(2)(b) Updated language regarding waiting period after two denials for CCAP approval
4.11.3(B) Updated language – terminating CCAP status
4.11.3(C) Updated language regarding renewal
4.11.4(A) Added “complete and”, Removed requirement of signature witnessed by staff or notarized
4.11.4(A)(1) Updated requirements before provider payment
4.11.4(A)(3)(a) Changed “sixty (60)” to “thirty (30)”
4.11.4(A)(3)(b)(3) Added “at the discretion on the Department”
4.11.5(B) Changed “or” to “and”
4.11.5(B)(1)(a)((2)) Added “or electronically”
4.11.5(F)(1) Added “Parent/Provider agreement and the child’s”, added “to reflect accurate enrollment”
4.11.5(F)(2) Added “absent or”
4.11.7(A)(1) Changed “will” to “may”
4.11.8(C)(3) Removed language
4.12(A) Added “QRIS Brightstars rating authorized and”
4.12(B)(2)(b) Added “for rate and payment purposes, nor for enrollment purposes”


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