Community Medicaid: Medically Needy Eligibility (210-RICR-40-05-2)

210-RICR-40-05-2 ACTIVE RULE

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2.1Scope and Purposes

2.2General Provisions Eligibility Criteria

2.3Spenddown Calculation

2.4Six-Month Spenddown Renewal

2.5Allowable Expenses

2.6Expense Exceptions

Title 210 Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Chapter 40 Medicaid for Elders and Adults with Disabilities
Subchapter 05 Community Medicaid
Part 2 Community Medicaid: Medically Needy Eligibility (210-RICR-40-05-2)
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Active
Effective 03/30/2022

Regulation Authority:

Chapters 40-6 and 40-8 of the Rhode Island General Laws
as amended; Title XIX of the Social Security Act

Purpose and Reason:

This amendment is being promulgated to reflect updated guidance from the federal government related to Medicaid eligibility during the PHE.  The federal government has clarified that Medicaid beneficiaries may be moved within tiers of coverage during the PHE and this amendment adds language to clarify that medically needy ABD Medicaid beneficiaries will only have their coverage extended if they are not enrolled in another tier 1 coverage. If they are enrolled in another tier 1 coverage their medically needy coverage will end at the end of their 6 month coverage period and they will switch to the other tier 1 coverage for which they are eligible.