RISBC-5 Rhode Island Electrical Code


Title 510 Building Code Commission
Chapter 00 N/A
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 5 RISBC-5 Rhode Island Electrical Code
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Proposed View Active Rule
Filing Notice Date 04/09/2021
Public Comment Dates 04/09/2021 to 05/10/2021

Regulation Authority :

R.I. Gen. Laws § Chapter 23-27.3

Purpose and Reason :

RULE: RISBC-5 State Electrical Code sets forth the electrical code requirements for the State. Rhode Island Building Codes are amendments of the International Building Codes which we use as our model.  The Building Standards Committee modifies parts of the Codes to adhere to our State and the elements of our State.  The State Building Code Standards Committee has reviewed this regulation and proposes the following non-technical amendments.  As described below:

·          All references to National Electrical Code (“NEC”) 2017, have been changed to the 2020 edition.  Some NEC section numbers have been amended to conform to NEC 2020. 

·         Throughout the regulation: updated internal cross-references with new RICR citations and references to the 2021 version for all Parts in Title 510 being amended this year.

·         Numerous punctuation and grammatical changes have been made throughout that do not result in substantive changes to the regulation.


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