Library of Rhode Island Standards


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Title 220 Department of Administration
Chapter 60 Enterprise Technology Strategy and Service
Subchapter 15 Library and Information Services
Part 3 Library of Rhode Island Standards
Type of Filing Technical Revision
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 09/20/2015 to 09/20/2015

Regulation Authority:

RIGL 29-3.1-4.1(b)(3) and 29-3.1-4(b)(7)(ii)

Purpose and Reason:

This is a technical revision adding the effective date to the text of the document and deleting the date for the end of the comment period. The purpose of the adoption was to create new set of Library of Rhode Island Standards and Regulations that is consistent with current practices and national standards for resource sharing. New regulations were developed so that LORI libraries would have clear rules regarding resource sharing policies and procedures and to eliminate standards and regulations that do not reflect current library practices. In conjunction with the adoption, the current Library of Rhode Island Standards, ERLID # 2772, were repealed. There were no substantive changes between the proposed regulations and the final regulations.