Title 250 Department of Environmental Management
Chapter 90 Marine Fisheries
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 7 Dealers
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Proposed
Filing Notice Date 02/15/2024
Filing Hearing Date(s) 02/28/2024
Public Comment Dates 02/15/2024 to 03/17/2024

Regulation Authority:

Title 20
Chapters 42-17.1
and 42-17.7
and in accordance with Chapter 42-35-18(b)(5)
Administrative Procedures Act of the Rhode Island General Laws of 1956
as amended.

Purpose and Reason:

1. Striped Bass tagging clarification (section 7.13(A)):  Division proposal to clarify that striped bass shall be tagged immediately “at the point of sale”.  As currently written, the rule does not specify that tagging must take place no later than at the time and location of sale

2. Striped Bass reporting requirements (section 7.14(F)(2)):  This rule was previously adopted (effective April 30. 2023) but was then inadvertently omitted by mistake in a subsequent filing (effective November 20, 2023).  This proposal seeks to re-establish this omitted rule as previously adopted.

3. Jonah crab - whole crab requirements; consistency with harvester requirements (proposed new section 7.17):  Division proposal to require that dealers only accept whole Jonah crabs, consistent with harvester requirements (as found in Part 5 - Lobsters, Crabs, and Other Crustaceans section 5.11(C)(2)) that specifies that only whole Jonah Crab may be retained and sold, consistent with the FMP for Jonah Crab.


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