Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons

230-RICR-30-20-2 ACTIVE RULE

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2.1Authority and Purpose


2.3Licensee’s Name and Address

2.4Principal Brokers and Brokerages



2.7Pre-Licensing Education Requirements


2.9License Renewal Term

2.10Disaffiliation of License

2.11Dissolution of Brokerage

2.12Property Management Companies

2.13Reporting Convictions and Disciplinary Actions

2.14Discriminatory Practices Prohibited

2.15Additional Grounds for Disciplinary Action

2.16Conduct of Contested Cases

2.17License Restoration

2.18Client Funds

2.19Release of Deposits



2.22General Obligations of Licensees

2.23Advance Fees

2.24Prohibition Against Lending Name



2.27Appraisals Prohibited

2.28Errors and Omission Insurance

2.29Real Estate Schools and Instructors

2.30Continuing Education

2.31Mandatory Relationship Disclosures


Title 230 Department of Business Regulation (includes the Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner)
Chapter 30 Commercial Licensing
Subchapter 20 Real Estate
Part 2 Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Active
Effective 02/21/2022

Regulation Authority:

R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-20.5-6, 5-20.5-12, 5-20.5-19, 5-20.5-20, 5-20.5-26(a)(1)(v).

Purpose and Reason:

There were two separate reasons for amending this regulation.

First, legislation passed in July 2021 (2021 PL Chapter 322 § 1 and Chapter 211 § 1) that changed the requirements for Real Estate licensees by adding a requirement that the real estate exam contain content on fair housing and that each licensee must complete 3 hours of instruction in Fair Housing as part of their continuing education. The statutory changes also exempted RI licensed attorneys who are also real estate licensees from having to complete real estate continuing education courses as a condition of license renewal.

Second, the RI Association of Realtors (RIAR) created a Teams Task Force in response to DBR’s 2019 bulletin on Teams of licensees within real estate brokerages. In April/May 2021, RIAR presented its Task Force recommendations to DBR for amendments to the Real Estate regulation. After consideration of these recommendations, DBR prepared these amendments and to clarify how teams must operate under the supervision of the principal broker, like all other real estate licensees. Teams can be very confusing to consumers and the regulation of Teams is an important component in consumer protection.

In addition, we have modernized and improved the organization of the advertising section which needed to be updated to recognize the variety of digital media now used by licensees.

Here is a summary of the substantive amendments proposed:

§ 2.2 Definitions

o   § 2.2(A)(2) – Added a definition for “Brokerage,” which is a term that has been used in the regulation but needed a definition for consistency.

o   § 2.2(A)(12) – Added a new definition for “social media” as it relates to the modernized advertising provisions in § 2.25.

o   § 2.3(A)(13) – Added a new definition for “teams.”

§ 2.4 Principal Brokers and Brokerages

o   § 2.4(E)(8) – Added requirements for Principal Broker to supervise all teams and teams’ activities within their brokerage, including approving team agreements, names and logos and monitoring team advertising.

§ 2.18 Client Funds

o   § 2.18(B) – Added Teams to the existing prohibition against salespersons holding client funds.

o   § 2.18(B)(2) – Clarified that Teams shall not maintain a separate escrow account from principal broker.

§ 2.21 Commissions

o   § 2.21(D)(1) – Added a new paragraph to clarify that a Team leader may form a single member/manager LLC for the purpose of collecting funds from team members to pay common joint expenses.

o   § 2.21(F) – Clarified that commissions shall be paid by the Principal Broker directly to each licensee and not to the Team as a whole.

§ 2.25 Advertising

o   Updated and modernized advertising requirements recognizing the ever-expanding opportunities withing digital and social media.

o   Organized into sections with general provisions, print advertising, internet advertising, audio/video.

o   Added provisions applying to Teams.

o   Simplified Logo requirements

o   Organized existing miscellaneous requirements under one new heading.

§ 2.29 Real Estate Schools and Instructors

o   § 2.29(E)(8) – Added as grounds for taking an action against a school permit any discrimination against any protected class under the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities Act in RI. This was suggested by the Governor’s Commission on Disabilities.

o   § 2.29(G)(6)(f) – given new statutory requirement for fair housing courses, added a requirement that that Real Estate Schools licensed by the Department identify which category each course fits into when apply for approval.

o   § 2.29(G)(8) – added requirement that Real Estate Schools indicate on completion certificates whether the course qualifies for CORE or CORE-Fair Housing Requirements. This will help both licensees and department staff determine if the licensee is in compliance with CE requirements upon renewal.

§ 2.30 Continuing Education

o   Updated section consistent with 2021 legislation:

o   § 2.30(A)(1) & (2) – Rewrote for clarity.

o   § 2.30(C) (prior numbering) – deleted Attorney continuing education requirements

o   § 2.30(B) (new numbering) – increased the CORE course requirements by three to include a minimum of 3 credits in CORE-Fair Housing and a minimum of 6 credits in any CORE subject area listed in 2.30(B)(1), including fair housing. Clarified that the remaining 15 CE hours may be completed with any department-approved course.

o   § 2.30(D) (new numbering) – Consolidated exemptions in one place – Pre-12/12/1984 and Attorneys.

§ 2.31 Mandatory Relationship Disclosures (new numbering)

o   Added new section to refer to Chapter 5-20.6 and clarity that Teams must comply with those laws.

§ 2.31 Subsequent Statutory Changes (old numbering)

o   Deleted this section because it is unnecessary. All statutory changes supersede the regulation.

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