Rules and Regulations Governing Vital Records (216-RICR-10-10-1)

216-RICR-10-10-1 ACTIVE RULE

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1.1Authority and Purpose

1.2Incorporated Materials


1.4Duties of the State Registrar of Vital Records

1.5Duties of Local Registrars

1.6Authorized Forms

1.7Duties to Report Information Required for Vital Records

1.8Acceptance of Certificates

1.9Registration Procedure

1.10Transmittal Procedure

1.11Void Certificates

1.12Birth Registration

1.13Foundling Registration (Infants of Unknown Parentage)

1.14New Certificates of Birth Following Adoption, Legitimation, and Paternity Determinations or Acknowledgements

1.15Certificates of Foreign Birth

1.16Death Registration

1.17Responsibility of Funeral Director

1.18Responsibility of Physician

1.19Responsibility of Medical Examiner

1.20Responsibility of Institution

1.21Medical Certification of Cause of Death

1.22Fetal Death Registration

1.23Responsibility for Filing

1.24Responsibility for Medical Certification

1.25Permits for Burial-Transit

1.26Permits for Disinterment and Reinterment

1.27Final Disposition by Medical School

1.28Cremation Certificates

1.29Issuance of Marriage License

1.30Marriage Solemnization

1.31Completion and Filing of Marriage License

1.32Delayed Registration of Certificates

1.33Delayed Registration of Birth Certificates

1.34Medical Certification on Delayed Death Certificates

1.35Delayed Registration of Marriage Certificates

1.36Late Registration of Certificates

1.37Requirements to Amend Vital Records

1.38Procedure to Amend Vital Records

1.39Additions or Minor Corrections to Birth Certificates Within One Year of the Date of Birth

1.40Disclosure of Vital Records

1.41Reproduction for Preservation of Vital Records

1.42Certified Copies of Vital Records


1.44Violations and Penalties


Title 216 Department of Health
Chapter 10 Public Health Administration
Subchapter 10 Registries
Part 1 Rules and Regulations Governing Vital Records (216-RICR-10-10-1)
Type of Filing Periodic Refile
Regulation Status Active
Effective 01/04/2022

Regulation Authority:

R.I. Gen. Laws § 23-3-3

Purpose and Reason:

This rule is being refiled by the agency pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-35-4.1.  No changes were made to the text of this rule.