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<< Title 410 - Board of Elections
<< Chapter 20 - Elections

Subchapter 00 - N/A

Part 1 Address Confidentiality For Victims Of Domestic Abuse (410-RICR-20-00-1)
Part 2 Adjudicatory Hearings (410-RICR-20-00-2)
Part 3 Administrative Complaint Procedure (410-RICR-20-00-3)
Part 4 Ballot Applications, Certification by Voter and Certified Voting Lists at the Polling Place (410-RICR-20-00-4)
Part 5 Declaration of Candidacy - Multiple Declarations (410-RICR-20-00-5)
Part 6 Election Training Seminars (410-RICR-20-00-6)
Part 7 Filing Protests (410-RICR-20-00-7)
Part 8 Investigations (410-RICR-20-00-8)
Part 9 Challenging of Mail Ballots (410-RICR-20-00-9)
Part 10 Nomination Papers - Affidavit of Person Obtaining Signatures (410-RICR-20-00-10)
Part 11 Local Canvassing Authorities - Party Affiliation (410-RICR-20-00-11)
Part 12 Polling Place Conduct (410-RICR-20-00-12)
Part 13 Provisional Voting (410-RICR-20-00-13)
Part 14 Recounts (410-RICR-20-00-14)
Part 15 Determining Recount Eligibility - Recognized Standing (410-RICR-20-00-15)
Part 16 Tabulation of Mail Ballots (410-RICR-20-00-16)
Part 17 Unaffiliated Voters Participating in Primary Elections (410-RICR-20-00-17)
Part 18 Voter Identification (410-RICR-20-00-18)
Part 19 Voter Registration (410-RICR-20-00-19)
Part 20 Challenging the Registration of a Voter Pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws § 17-9.1-28 (410-RICR-20-00-20)
Part 21 Periodic Updating of Voter Registration Records (410-RICR-20-00-21)
Part 22 Rules of Practice and Procedure Regarding Appeals from Rulings by Local Boards of Canvassers (410-RICR-20-00-22)
Part 23 Rules and Regulations for Mail Ballot Certification Process (410-RICR-20-00-23)
Part 25 Rules and Regulations Establishing Vote-by-Mail Ballot Drop Boxes