Division of Public Utilities and Carriers


The Division, which is headed by an Administrator who is not a Commissioner, exercises the jurisdiction, supervision, powers and duties not specifically assigned to the Commission, including the execution of all laws relating to public utilities and carriers and all regulations and orders of the Commission governing the conduct and charges of public utilities. The Division has exclusive jurisdiction over the rates, tariffs, tolls and charges and the sufficiency, and reasonableness of facilities and accommodations of common carriers of property and passengers over the State’s public roadways, pursuant to chapters 39-12, 39-13, 39-14, 39-14.1 and 39-14.2. Additionally, the Division supervises and regulates Community Antenna Television Systems (CATV) in Rhode Island; certifies all public utilities; and has independent regulatory authority over the transactions between public utilities and affiliates, and all public utility equity and debt issuances. The Division is also responsible for enforcing the DIG-SAFE and gas pipeline safety programs in the State of Rhode Island.

Agency Address
89 Jefferson Boulevard
Warwick, RI,02888


Rules Coordinator
Thomas Kogut
[email protected]