The Main Street Rhode Island Streetscape Improvement Fund


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Title 870 Commerce Corporation
Chapter 20 Loans and Grants
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 6 The Main Street Rhode Island Streetscape Improvement Fund
Type of Filing Adoption
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 10/22/2015 to 10/22/2015

Regulation Authority:

RIGL 42-64.27

Purpose and Reason:

These rules have been adopted to implement the Main Street Rhode Island Streetscape Improvement Fund is a $1 million fund used to award grants or loans on a competitive basis for improvements to streetscapes in local business/commercial districts. The proposed projects must result in a physical improvement to a streetscape, such as enhanced sidewalks, new street furniture, new way finding signage, upgraded building facades, or improved street lighting (among other potential uses). The maximum award to a project will be $300,000. Applicants must have a match of at least 30% of the total project cost. The match can take multiple forms, including expenditure on direct construction costs or soft costs, real estate donated to the project, or federal or local grants. The Rules address the eligibility requirements, application procedures, and other administrative aspects of the program. The text of Rule 3 has changed from the version published in the register to provide greater specificity to the board process described in that provision. As a result of comment received, Rule 7(b) has been deleted to eliminate the fee requirement on applicants, many of which may be municipalities or nonprofit entities.