Rules Governing Community Antenna Television Systems


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Title 815 Division of Public Utilities and Carriers
Chapter 10 Telecommunications
Subchapter 05 Cable Television
Part 1 Rules Governing Community Antenna Television Systems
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 01/15/2010 to 11/15/2012

Regulation Authority:

§§42-35-1, 42-35-2, 42-25-3, 42-35-4, 42-35-5, 39-1-15, 39-3-33, 39-1-38 and 16-61-6 and 6.2.

Purpose and Reason:

The proposed amendments are in response to the growth of competition that has developed in the Rhode Island cable services market over the last several years. Additionally, some of the proposed amendments are designed to modify or repeal existing rules that have been determined to be obsolete.