Rules and Standards of the State Planning Council


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Title 670 State Planning Council
Chapter 00 N/A
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 1 Rules and Standards of the State Planning Council
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 02/05/2014 to 04/20/2017

Regulation Authority:

RIGL section 42-11-10

Purpose and Reason:

The amendments to revise the rules in order to 1) add a new rule to cover the Comprehensive Plan Review Process; 2) reflect an accumulation of changes to State law and/or Federal regulations; 3) reflect changes to agency organization and standards; and 4) eliminate unnecessary or outdated rules. As a result of comments received during the public hearing and comment period, the following revisions were made to the proposed rules and standards. The reason for the revisions was to clarify the policies and intent of the regulations. Rule 1.2 Definitions “Conformance” or “Consistent” - The words “do not” were deleted. A definition for “State agency” was added. Rule 1.10.3 Governing Rules The following sentence was added: The Council may designate any person to serve as the presiding official for a public hearing. Rule 1.10.4 Rules of Evidence The following sentence was deleted: The rules of civil procedure used in the Superior Court of Rhode Island may be followed, but the Chair shall not be bound to follow these rules when there are facts not susceptible of proof under the civil rules of procedure; provided, however, such facts are of a type commonly relied upon by reasonably prudent persons. Rule 2.7 Notification of New or Amended State Guide Plan Elements The following sentence was added: In addition to municipal notification, the Division shall notify all parties contained on the public notice mailing list established by Rule 1.10.1. Rule 3.2 Applicability Revised as follows: Staff of The Council shall approve and the Division of Planning shall maintain, and post to its website, a list of agencies and programs subject to this Rule. Staff shall notify the Council of any recommended changes to this list and the reason for such change. Rule 3.5 Review The phrase, “each applicable provision of” was deleted. Rule 5.5.4 TIP Standards and Documentation “Airport improvements” was deleted from the list.