Rules and Regulations Relating to Fertilizers (250-RICR-40-20-10)

250-RICR-40-20-10 ACTIVE RULE

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10.2Incorporated Materials

10.3Plant Nutrients in Addition to Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium

10.4Specialty Fertilizer Labels

10.5Slowly Available Plant Nutrients



10.8Investigational Allowances


10.10Breakdown of Plant Food Elements within the Guaranteed Analysis

10.11Registration of Products

Title 250 Department of Environmental Management
Chapter 40 Agriculture and Resource Marketing
Subchapter 20 Marketing
Part 10 Rules and Regulations Relating to Fertilizers (250-RICR-40-20-10)
Type of Filing Direct Final Amendment
Regulation Status Active
Effective 01/05/2022

Regulation Authority:

R.I. Gen. Laws § 2-7-13 and Chapter 42-17.1, and in accordance with the procedures set forth in the R.I. Administrative Procedures Act, R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 42-35

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A brief section is being added to the end of this regulation to acknowledge the Division's new online registration system.