Rules and Regulations for Hazardous Waste Management


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Title 250 Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Chapter 140 Waste and Materials Management
Subchapter 10 Hazardous Waste
Part 1 Rules and Regulations for Hazardous Waste Management
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 09/14/2005 to 03/04/2007

Regulation Authority:

23-19.1 and 23-19.4

Purpose and Reason:

1. Addition of Rule 14 and modification of Rule 2 adopting provisions for managing radioactive mixed waste consistent with federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. 2. Addition of Rule 16 adopting federal provisions to oversee corrective actions at RCRA hazardous waste facilities. 3. Addition and refinement of definitions in Rule 3 pertinent to radioactive mixed waste and RCRA corrective action. Also, update of references to state statutes and federal regulations. 4. Creation of a new waste code (R015) that applies to non-hazardous waste in Rhode Island that is required to be on a manifest by the destination state. Rules 5.12B and 6.16D were revised to exempt R015 waste from the hazardous waste generation fee. 5. Revision to Rule 6 requiring septage transporters to submit an annual report to DEM. Also, clarifications to septage waste transporter requirements for record keeping and spill cleanup. 6. Clarification in Rule 6.14 B-E regarding letter of authorization requirements for 72 hour storage of hazardous waste or waste oil. This also includes certain conditions for transporters to store waste overnight without a letter of authorization. 7. Revisions to Rules 5.12, 6.16 and 6.17 increasing the hazardous waste generation fee to 2.3 cents per pound or 19 cents per gallon, and changing requirements for submission of hazardous waste generation fees and reports from monthly to quarterly.