Solid Waste Regulation No. 1- General Requirements


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Title 250 Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Chapter 140 Waste and Materials Management
Subchapter 05 Solid Waste
Part 1 Solid Waste Regulation No. 1- General Requirements
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 10/25/2005 to 05/04/2016

Regulation Authority:

Chapter 2-1, 2-22, 2-23, Chapter 5-51, 23-18.8, 23-18.9, 23-19, Chapter 23-19.1, 23-23, Chapter 23-63, Chapter 37-15.1, Chapter 42-17.1, Chapter 42-17.6, Chapter 44-27, Chapter 46-12

Purpose and Reason:

A definition for "Municipal Solid Waste" was added to reflect the new fee (below) and the numbers in front of all definitions were deleted in Rule 1.3.00 Definitions. A new section, Rule 1.6.11 Demonstration Pilot Projects, was added describing procedures for pilot projects to reflect statutory language. Addition of Rule 1.13.04 requiring a fee of $1.00 per ton to be paid on all commercial solid waste that is received for disposal at licensed solid waste management facilities. Appendix B, Management of Dredged Materials for Land Disposal, was deleted. This appendix was replaced in Feb 2003 by a new regulation for dredged materials.