Child Care Assistance Program


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Title 218 Department of Human Services
Chapter 20 Individual and Family Support Programs
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 4 Child Care Assistance Program
Type of Filing Adoption
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 07/01/2004 to 08/23/2004

Regulation Authority:

R.I.G.L. 40-6.2-1

Purpose and Reason:

Effective July 1, 2004, to amend the Child Care Assistance Program rules to change family share co-payments for families with countable income in excess of 150% up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. Level 3 co-payments will decrease from 8% to 6% of countable income and Level 4 co-payments will decrease from 12% to 10% of countable income. Supercedes ERLID 3042

Brief statement of Reason for Finding Imminent Peril: