Immunization, Testing, and Health Screening for Health Care Workers (216-RICR-20-15-7)

216-RICR-20-15-7 ACTIVE RULE

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7.3Incorporated Materials


7.5General Requirements

7.6Minimum Standards for Immunization and Communicable Disease Testing for Health Care Workers

7.7Documentation of Immunity and Testing (Immunization Records)

7.8Influenza Vaccination Refusal



Title 216 Department of Health
Chapter 20 Community Health
Subchapter 15 Information for Health Care Professionals
Part 7 Immunization, Testing, and Health Screening for Health Care Workers (216-RICR-20-15-7)
Type of Filing Amendment
Regulation Status Active
Effective 06/15/2022

Regulation Authority:

R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 23-17 and § 23-17.7.1

Purpose and Reason:

This regulation is being promulgated to add definitions for the terms advance practice registered nurse, health care facility, period in which flu is widespread, and up to date; revise the definitions of health care worker, physician, physician assistant, and practitioner; remove superfluous language; require health care workers to be up to date with a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine or wear a medical grade N95 mask when the prevalence rate is substantial; require health care facilities to document COVID-19 immunization status of its health care workers; simplify the requirements for influenza; and create a violation section.