Medicaid Code of Administrative Rules: Section 0301 "Payments and Providers"


This rule will be effective on 03/17/2024.
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Title 210 Executive Office of Health and Human Services
Chapter 20 Medicaid Payments and Providers
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 1 Medicaid Code of Administrative Rules: Section 0301 "Payments and Providers"
Type of Filing Adoption
Regulation Status Inactive
Effective 08/10/2014 to 03/02/2018

Regulation Authority:

Rhode Island General Laws Chapters 40-8 (Medical Assistance); 42-7.2 (Executive Office of Health & Human Services) and 40-6 (Public Assistance Act); Title XIX of the Social Security Act;

Purpose and Reason:

These rule revisions are related to the Medicaid renewals/redeterminations that are scheduled to commence on August 1, 2014. The EOHHS rules posted for public comment on May 19, 2014 pertain to the Medicaid populations that will be subject to the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) standard as part of the renewal process. These beneficiaries have been organized into the “Medicaid Affordable Care Coverage” groups. (See the Medicaid Code of Administrative Rules sections 1301 and 1303). The rules that are the subject of the present promulgation (from the #0300 series of the MCAR, as noted above) are amended to reflect the shift in eligibility requirements for this population of Medicaid beneficiaries and the application of the MAGI standard upon eligibility renewal.