Batterer’s Intervention Program Standards Oversight Committee


As defined in the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (RIGL § 12-29-5 and §§ 12-29-5.1-3), the Batterers Intervention Program Standards Oversight Committee is comprised of thirteen (13) representatives of various state and community agencies and members of the public. The Oversight Committee is responsible for development, promulgation and on-going review of standards. In addition the Oversight Committee is charged with the monitoring of batterers intervention programs, including periodic on-site review; certification of programs that are in compliance with the standards; and investigating and deciding appeals, complaints, and requests for variances. Agencies and practitioners seeking certification under the terms of §12-29-5 and §12-29-5.1-3 need to apply through the Batterers Intervention Program Standards Oversight Committee. Comprehensive certification, which entails meeting each of the Comprehensive Standards, must be renewed at regular intervals. Successfully meeting the standards makes a program or practitioner eligible to receive referrals of court mandated domestic violence offenders. However, certification does not constitute licensure of facilities, practitioners, or other services that may be offered by the same person(s) or agency; nor does certification guarantee or imply a guarantee of referrals or monetary support.

Agency Address
15 Fleming Road
Cranston, RI,02920


Rules Coordinator
Shelley Cortese
[email protected]