Parole Board


The mission of the Rhode Island Parole Board is to enhance public safety, contribute to the prudent use of public resources and consider the safe and successful re-entry of offenders through discretionary parole. The Parole Board has jurisdiction to consider the conditional early release of those eligible prisoners serving a sentence of more than six months. Parole Board members are appointed by the Governor. Parole through conditional liberty permits includes intense supervision by the Probation & Parole unit of the Department of Corrections. Judicial review of parole decisions is available through post-conviction relief in the Superior Court. The Sexual Offender Community Notification Unit assists the Parole Board, the Sexual Offender Board of Review, Corrections, the state Sex Offender Registry as well as local and state law enforcement in the implementation of sex offender community notification statutes including the use of risk assessments to determine the level of risk an offender poses to the community, screening of cases for applicability of the Jessica Lunsford Act and Community Supervision as well as updates to the public sex offender website.

Agency Address
40 Howard Avenue
Cranston, RI,02920


Rules Coordinator
Matthew Degnan
[email protected]