Department of Administration


The Department of Administration's work is guided by our mission "to manage the state's financial, human and other resources in support of other state agencies carrying out their responsibilities to provide the citizens of the State of Rhode Island with the most responsive and cost effective services possible". The department provides supportive services to all Rhode Island departments and agencies for effective coordination and direction of state programs within the framework of a changing administrative and fiscal environment, while ensuring accountability of and value for public dollars. The department also provides policy direction for executive leadership in a variety of financial and administrative matters and is responsible for the statewide implementation of policy decisions affecting the organization and delivery of services administered and supported by the state. Principal responsibilities include the development and administration of the State budget; determining and maintaining standard specifications for purchases, contracts, bids and awards for State purchases; maintenance and upkeep and procurement of State facilities; administration of the statewide planning program and overall personnel administration and management of State departments and agencies and the negotiation of State employee union contracts. The department, headed by the Director of Administration, has several programmatic functions. These functions include Office of Management and Budget (State Budget Office, Office of Internal Audits and Office of Regulatory Reform), Division of Legal Services, Office of Accounts and Control, Division of Purchases, Division of Human Resources, Capital Asset Management and Maintenance, Division of Information Technology, Library and Information Services, Division of Planning, Office of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity, and various Internal Services Programs. The goal of the Department of Administration is to oversee the provision of statewide support

Agency Address
One Capitol Hill
Providence, RI,02908


Rules Coordinator
Daniel Majcher
[email protected]