Attorney General


The Attorney General is established under the Rhode Island Constitution as one of the five General Officers subject to election by voters. The Office of the Attorney General was first created in Rhode Island in May 1650. Since its creation, the Office has been an elected position, except for a brief period from 1740 to 1742 when the charter allowed for appointment of a King's attorney for each county. The Office of the Attorney General was formally adopted under the Rhode Island State Constitution in 1842. The Office of the Attorney General is divided into three distinct divisions; Criminal, Civil, and Administration, each of which is responsible for several sub-units which together combine to meet the goals and the objectives of the Office. The Office is divided into four budget identifications. The Attorney General may serve two consecutive four-year terms.

Agency Address
150 South Main Street
Providence, RI,02903


Rules Coordinator
Daniel Sutton
[email protected]