Terminal Fee Schedule


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Title 880 Quonset Development Corporation
Chapter 00 N/A
Subchapter 00 N/A
Part 3 Terminal Fee Schedule
Type of Filing Adoption
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Effective 07/01/2015 to 11/27/2017

Regulation Authority :

RIGL 42-64.10

Purpose and Reason :

The Port of Davisville is operated by the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC), a quasi-public corporation of the State of Rhode Island. The intent of this tariff is to specify charges and associated requirements for authorized parties using or accessing the marine terminals and related properties. A terminal tariff has been in force at the Port of Davisville since 1985 and is required by federal law and the Federal Maritime Commission. Additionally, the tariff is further governed by the Maritime Transportation Security Act (33 CFR Parts 101, 103, ET AL). The Port of Davisville is a Foreign Trade Zone (#105) and is subject to rules and regulations of U.S. Customs & Border Protection. The net benefit of this regulation is a de minimus change to procedures governing the Port of Davisville. In accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, Section 42-35-3(a)(1) of the General Laws of Rhode Island, following is a concise summary of proposed non-technical amendments: 1. The Terminal Schedule No. 017 will be replaced with 2 new documents: Port Rules and Regulations and Tariff Fee Schedule or Terminal Tariff Schedule. This summary will outline the major changes specific to the Tariff Fee Schedule. 2. Under Rule 4 (Arrangements for Berths) of the Terminal Tariff Schedule, Vessels and their owners or agents shall be permitted to amend or modify their berth applications two times after the approval by the Port without incurring an extra charge. All other amendments or modifications are subject to a $250.00 change fee. 3. Rule 5 (Business Hours); Added a Port Operation Fee of $65.00 for any QDC services performed during non-business hours. 4. Added new rule - Rule 10 (Limits of Liability); The QDC is not liable for costs incurred by users due to labor stoppages or slowdowns, or delays caused by Port-owned equipment failures. 5. Rule 15 (Port Security Charges); Port security charges are now a flat rate based time at port either under or over 9 hours in a 24 hour period and whether time is weekday or weekend/holiday. 6. Pier Master Fee has been eliminated. 7. Dockage Rates, Wharfage Rates, Demurrage Rates, and Free Time Period will remain at the current rates.

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